How to Throw a Dry Party

Publish Date: 17-Jul-10

If it´s that time of year when you want to celebrate an occasion but you don´t want to involve alcohol, you can throw your own party. Gather a group of friends and let them know that you´re going to have a dry party with no booze. Let them know that you´re going to have lots of great food, non-alcoholic drinks and fun activities planned. Just because you´re staying sober doesn´t mean you can´t have loads of fun.


Theme or Decade Party

Pick a theme or decade and have your guests dress accordingly. For a decade party, put together a playlist with music from that era and research games or dances that were popular during that time. You can give away prizes for the best costume or for being a game winner. Some other ideas for themes are: Movie or TV characters, Western, Hawaiian, prom or choose a color everyone must wear.


Dinner Party

Make it all about food. People will be so busy eating they won´t even notice the lack of alcohol. Plan out a meal yourself or make it a pot-luck. You can choose a theme by having fondue, serving finger foods, making different dishes from a variety of cultures or choosing one, like Indian food. Decide how you want to serve the food; if you want it to be more formal, set up a seating plan or make it buffet style for a more casual gathering.


Picnic & Outdoor Games

If you are planning an event in the summer, use the outdoors. Find a public park to set up a BBQ or picnic and ask everyone to bring a food item and to plan a game of their choice. They can plan a sports game such as touch football or Frisbee, a scavenger hunt, a race, croquet or a good old fashioned pie eating contest. Holding the party in a public place and during the day will make it easy to cut alcohol out.


Potluck & Indoor Games

If the weather is not as nice or you just want the party to be a little more intimate, have it at your house. Serve appetizers or have everyone bring some type of finger food. Plan a bunch of games to play or have everyone bring or plan their favorite game from their childhood. Games like Twister, Guess Who, Operation, Monopoly or charades may make an appearance. Or you can set up a Nintendo or Wii and get teams and a tournament going.


Television Party

Organize a party around a television show or event. Super Bowl party, Oscar party or a party for a season premier or season finale of your favorite show. Ask guests to arrive an hour before it starts so you can all visit and get the chatting out of the way if the show requires attention. Serve snacks like popcorn and chips and non alcoholic drinks such as virgin margaritas or pina coladas.


Informative Party

Ask everyone to pitch in some money so you can hire someone to come in and teach you something, such as swing dancing, belly dancing, make-up application, magic tricks, self defense, cooking or you can hire a physic to do readings or a couple salon workers to give facials, manicures and pedicures. You can decorate your place accordingly and set up stations so that the space doesn´t get too crowded and everyone gets an equal opportunity to participate.


Whatever type of party you decide to throw, make sure that everyone feels comfortable. If people enjoy themselves, they´ll more than likely want to come to your next dry party.